About Me

I’m on this journey of self-discovery, but here is 25 things I do know.

1. I will never like tea. No matter how hard I try.

2. Vanilla cupcakes are the reason for existence.

3.  Coffee is another good reason for existence.

4. Poetry is what I live for.

5. I’m a clarinet player and cannot live without music.

6. I’m getting back into painting and really enjoy it.

7. I’m super clumsy and dorky.

8. Puns are absolutely amazing.

9. I am planning to major in Computer Science and English. Weird, I know.

10. If my legs would let me, I would hike all the time.

11. Dogs are too pure for this world.

12. Makeup art is what I spend way too much of my free time doing.

13. If I could live in a hoodie the rest of my life, I would.

14. I don’t consider myself an athlete despite the fact that I did martial arts, soccer, dance, and swim for most of my life.

15. I’m a walking contradiction.

16. My short term memory is almost non-existent.

17. William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying does not get enough credit for how good it is.

18. If a movie is mildly sad, I will cry watching it.

19. I love horror movies.

20. I spend an embarrassing amount of time on Netflix. An embarrassing amount.

21. I’m always down to trying new foods.

22. I want to travel. Badly.

23. As much as I wish I could, I will probably never dye my hair rainbow.

24.  I’m first generation American as both my parents are Algerian. Yes, I have been to Algeria several times. It’s beautiful.

25. My best friends are the dorkiest people I know, and I love them so damn much.

I hope to add to this list as I learn more.

“Sometimes you win–Sometimes you learn, but you never lose.”

-John C. Maxwell