Chronic Illness and Stigma

Why Are You So Open? A Response

When people first meet me, one of the first comments I get about my personality besides "you talk a lot" (a true statement) is "wow, you're really open". And that's pretty accurate. Many of my friends who have known me for a long time actually think that I'm a little too open. There are very few… Continue reading Why Are You So Open? A Response

Chronic Illness and Stigma

To Rest or Not To Rest? A Humorous Introduction to Spoon Theory

Ah, the age-old debate. One of the biggest struggles of dealing with a chronic illness is figuring out how far is too far. Should I push the boundaries of what I think I can handle, or should I take a page out of the book and rest? To be honest, there really isn't a tried… Continue reading To Rest or Not To Rest? A Humorous Introduction to Spoon Theory

Chronic Illness and Stigma

Stigma in Conversation #1: Assumptions

I was sitting with two of my very good friends at McDonalds the other day, and while we were pouring over our notes studying for an exam, I excused myself to the bathroom where I promptly threw up. Disgusting, I know. After I had cleaned myself up and returned to where we had been sitting,… Continue reading Stigma in Conversation #1: Assumptions

Chronic Illness and Stigma, College

College Applications and Ableism

So it's that time of year, the time everyone is getting their responses from the colleges they applied to. For me, this experience was absolutely devastating. My high school experience was far from perfect. It was riddled with constant absences, a severe car accident, several serious injuries, a surgery with tons of complications, and multiple… Continue reading College Applications and Ableism